My skills
What I offer you as not just a designer, and a team member.

An understanding of how important it is to create a simple visual to represent any endeavor. Capturing the essence of a company/organization by incorporating refined imagery into a recognizable visual.


The ability to combine written and visual content to relate a narrative. Whether through the use of photography or illustrations, enlivening and reinforcing text with relevant and interesting visuals.

Client contact

Clear and thoughtful communication. I have experience conducting discovery with client base: revealing what the end goal is, to better understand and formulate an approach towards its achievement. My objective is to realize the client’s vision, not my own.


Having experience as a lead/senior and team designer, allows me to flourish both when given autonomy or as part of a collective. I understand the value of expressing my ideas, but just as important, listening to others. A group with valued voices is preferable to one with a singular rigid vision.

What I do
Some of the skills & contributions I've made across digital and print media.

Creation & design of websites, formulation of individual and templated email marketing, creating layouts for online advertising and design of visuals to be used on social media and banner/sidebar advertising.


Extensive experience creating and laying out white papers, posters, ads, flyers, brochures, pamphlets, books and sign-age, as well as a comprehensive understanding of prepping files for a variety of print processes, both in-house and through outside vendors.

Traditional Resume.

Visual Resume.

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